Your Problem

Does your community, organization, or network need to build common ground between your people? Are you looking for somebody with the expertise to design innovative solutions integrating your ways of working with the transformative power of the Internet?

My Approach

My consultancy and R&D focuses on the question:

How to effectively improve collaboration between and within organizations, networks, and communities by aligning their online and offline ways of working ?

My Site

To give you a flavour of my interests and expertise, this site contains an overview of my background, the consultancy services I provide, my projects & research, and some of the resources that I am developing as a public service.

My Company

CommunitySense is the research consultancy firm owned and run by Aldo de Moor. Through my company, I help to translate state-of-the-art research insights into working communities for clients.

Latest Thoughts

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    Contact me if you would like advice on how to effectively use the power of the Internet to improve your collaboration.

    Also check out my blogs: Making CommunitySense, GrowingPains, and ToolsThatWork.