Expanding the Academic Research Community: Building Bridges into Society with the Internet

Below the slides of the honors lecture I just gave at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. The slides can be downloaded here.

The talk is based on a book chapter with the same title that will be published by Monash University Publishing in the fall.  A preprint of this chapter can be downloaded here. Thanks to the students for all your great questions. If there’s any more, feel free to post them here as comments.

Posted by Aldo de Moor


These are the links that came up in the Honors Program Hot Topic discussion last night: Luis von Ahn’s TED talk on “Massive-Scale Online Collaboration” http://www.ted.com/talks/luis_von_ahn_massive_scale_online_collaboration.html and Duolingo http://duolingo.com

Tanner Carden

I loved your talks and I’m currently attempting to apply the things you mentioned to my current projects. I will be trying to tie in no less than 10 tools and sites for a crowdsourcing campaign.Thanks for inspiration and education. My project page is here http://bit.ly/1a7pjb8. Constructive criticism is welcome! Thanks!

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