As my many publications show, I have a solid grounding in the theories underlying Community Informatics, and built up a large worldwide network of colaborators.

After a successful academic career, I now focus on applying innovative research insights to collaboration problems in practice. See this sample of my R&D and consultancy projects to get a feel for my activities.

Research Focus

Since 1995, my main research interest has been the evolving socio-technical systems of collaborative communities in which people work together to achieve common goals. Main research questions include:

  • How do collaborative communities work and grow?
  • How to analyze their collaboration processes?
  • How to design socio-technical systems effectively supporting their collaboration needs?
  • How to create synergy between their online and offline communication?

Collaboration Patterns

One R&D issue of particular interest are collaboration patterns: socio-technical lessons learnt about the effective use of collaboration technologies in all kinds of communities. How to use these patterns, for example, for collaborative sensemaking for social innovation?